A heat pump is the best way to heat and cool your home
Heat smarter, cool efficiently
Space-saving design, enhanced comfort
Ultra-efficient, whisper-quiet operation
Electric Air is a tech-enabled HVAC contractor and venture-backed technology startup making the heat pump buying and installation process easier and cheaper for homeowners.

A heat pump packs the functionality of a gas furnace and an air conditioner into a single, simple, all-electric system.

And a heat pump is the most meaningful way to electrify your home - space heating is 60% of a typical home’s energy use!

Two Systems.
One Technology.

Whether we’re replacing your natural gas furnace, or adding mini-splits, the same core heat pump technology heats and cools your home. Electric Air will work with you to determine the best system for your home.

Heat pumps work with your existing ductwork and can replace your home furnace
Heat pumps can also add air conditioning to any room in the house through the use of a mini-split

A more efficient, quiet system that produces an even temperature in your home

Variable Speed Inverter Compressor

The compressor is the heart of a heat pump, moving refrigerant between the indoor and outdoor heat exchanger. A variable speed system matches the heating and cooling load in your home instead of cycling on and off.

Side Discharge Outdoor Units

A typical air conditioner is a big box, taking up unnecessary space. Modern side discharge units have a thin profile that saves meaningful space and enables new mounting locations.

Variable speed ECM Fans and Blower

Like the compressor, continually varying the speed of the outdoor fan and the indoor blower matches the load of your home to result in the most efficient and quiet performance relative to single stage (on-off) equipment.

Vapor Injection

This vapor compression cycle improvement increases both the operating range of the heat pump, and its overall efficiency.

Old heat pump technology stops working at cold temperatures, but modern vapor injected systems run to -15F and colder.

From the mild Bay Area, to the freezing winters of Tahoe, a modern heat pump system will keep your family warm all winter and cool in the summer.

Integrate with your smart home

In love with your Ecobee or Nest, or looking to upgrade? Our systems pair with 24V smart thermostats, giving you a simple and polished interface for setting schedules and controlling setpoints.

Optional integration with your smartphone, as well as Google Home, or Apple Home lets you tap into their respective ecosystems.

Comfort for everyone at home

Zone Control and Remote Temperature Systems

Want to keep an office warm during the day, a specific bedroom cold at night, and some other part of the house in between? Zone control dampers change the airflow to specific rooms and control their temperature simultaneously.

Another solution we offer is remote temperature sensors, small battery powered devices that you can use as your main temperature control instead of the thermostat.

Air Quality Filters

Better air quality for your home starts with a high quality central air filter. We install optional MERV13 and higher filters to keep your air clean, managing allergens, dust and PM2.5.

For newer homes built with very little natural air flow, we also offer fresh air intake systems that automatically modulate, reducing the buildup of CO2 and VOC’s in your home.