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From SpaceX & Tesla minds to eco-friendly home comfort

Backed by Experience, Built for Reliability

Electric Air is a tech-enabled HVAC contractor and venture-backed technology startup making the heat pump buying and installation process easier and more affordable for homeowners.

Heat pumps are a key enabler in the transition to clean, renewable electricity. They electrify the largest load in the home while improving comfort and saving money for homeowners.

We've worked at Tesla, SpaceX, and Blue Origin and have built successful venture-backed businesses before. We're well equipped to solve your home comfort needs.

What Motivates Us

The values shaping not just our company but a broader initiative for better, eco-friendly heating and cooling.


We embrace the forefront of technology and innovation, shaping a future where our advanced, sustainable HVAC solutions become the standard for modern living.


We act as stewards of the environment, integrating protection and sustainable practices into every facet of our business to ensure a healthier planet.

Customer Delight

We prioritize consistently going beyond what our customers expect, aiming to impress and please them in each interaction, ensuring that they are always our top priority.

Technician Jobs

We are committed to our technicians' growth and development, actively supporting, listening, and creating opportunities for them to advance and succeed in their careers.


We take full responsibility for our products' reliability and the consistency of our customer service, emphasizing the importance of trust and integrity in everything we do.


Jeremy Osborne

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Jeremy is a renewable energy engineer with over a decade of experience working on heat pump systems. He's a two-time Y Combinator founder, having started Boundary Layer Technologies.

Chris Mui

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Chris started his career as an aerospace engineer, before designing thermal systems at Tesla for the Model 3 and Semi Truck. He is passionate about accelerating the adoption of residential heat pumps through improved product design. Chris holds a C-20 HVAC license.

Shreyas Sudhakar

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Shreyas is a former rocket propulsion engineer, with years of experience designing, building, and testing rocket engines at companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin. Shreyas holds a C-20 HVAC license.

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