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Replace your furnace with a heat pump : all-in-one heating and air conditioning

LA Homeowners Save $3,000 and up!

LA Homeowners Save $3,000 and up!

- Add Air Conditioning to your home
- Electrify your largest use of natural gas
- Less expensive than just AC after rebates
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Exceptional professionalism and efficiency

“The technicians from Electric Air were not only skilled but also very courteous and respectful of my property. They ensured everything was done correctly and left the area clean and tidy, which was highly appreciated.

Sarah B.

I couldn’t be happier with the heat pump process

They provided affordable pricing and their technical expertise was evident throughout the entire installation process. Their attention to detail and professionalism set them apart from the other HVAC firms whom we received bids.

Thomas P.

Top-notch company

I am so impressed with the quality of the work and the level of customer service I have received. The installation process was smooth and efficient.

Gaurav A.

Excellent heat pump installation experience

We wanted to add AC and get rid of gas furnace to slash a big chunk of our carbon emissions (our electricity is already 100% renewable), so heat pump was an obvious choice. Out of the few contractors we contacted, Electric Air was the best.

Siyu W.

Tailor made to fit your comfort needs

Heat pumps work with your existing ductwork and can replace your home furnace
Heat pumps can also add air conditioning to any room in the house through the use of a mini-split

How It Works

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Start with an easy online quote to see costs and benefits instantly.

On-Site Visit

An on-site visit follows to tailor the solution to your home.


Installation is quick and tidy, upgrading your comfort with ease


With ongoing support, aftercare helps your system perform optimally

Heat pumps are the most meaningful way to electrify your home

We’re committed to making heat pumps the obvious, smart choice for your home and family. We’re heat pump experts focused on reducing the cost of heat pump installation and operation, while ensuring that you have best in-class equipment.

Over 50% of energy use devoted to space heating and cooling in the average home
40% reduction in California heating and cooling greenhouse gas emissions

What Motivates Us

The values shaping not just our company but a broader initiative for better, eco-friendly heating and cooling.


We embrace the forefront of technology and innovation, shaping a future where our advanced, sustainable HVAC solutions become the standard for modern living.


We act as stewards of the environment, integrating protection and sustainable practices into every facet of our business to ensure a healthier planet.

Customer Delight

We prioritize consistently going beyond what our customers expect, aiming to impress and please them in each interaction, ensuring that they are always our top priority.

Technician Jobs

We are committed to our technicians' growth and development, actively supporting, listening, and creating opportunities for them to advance and succeed in their careers.


We take full responsibility for our products' reliability and the consistency of our customer service, emphasizing the importance of trust and integrity in everything we do.